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Memorize the Bible wherever you are, whenever you want.

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With BibleMinded you can add your own verses, pick from one of our memory plans and memorize the Bible using our awesome study modes and test yourself memory test.

Memorize any verse in the Bible

Search the entire Bible for the exact verse that you want to memorize. Like memorizing large chunks of Scripture at a time? No problem, with BibleMinded you can add a whole chapter or any amount of passages from a chapter. BibleMinded also makes it easy to add as many verses as you would like to memorize from any of our Bible versions. We know a lot of you love memorizing tons of verses at once where some of you take it a verse at a time. BibleMinded makes it easy to use and focus on your verses no matter whether you are adding one or 10.

Memory plans to guide you through the Bible

Don't know what is a good verse to start memorizing or do you like having a plan to follow? We got you covered. BibleMinded provides a number of different plans to memorize that will walk you through some popular verses or a specific topic. Wanting to focus on memorizing verses about financial stewardship? Then sign up for our Financial Stewardship plan that will take you through 8 verses all about being a good steward with your finances.

Memorize from your favorite version and translation.

Track your progress

Once you've added a plan, we make sure that you never lose track of what verses you have successfully memorized and how many you have left to finish. If you are memorizing a whole chapter at a time, we also made sure that we made it easy to know where you are so that you know exactly what verse you need to memorize next to knock out a whole chapter.

Memorize the Bible, your way.

Adding verses to memorize is only part of it. We know that there are many different ways to memorize something and that everyone has their own methods. That is why BibleMinded has four different ways to memorize the Bible. We have focused on some popular options, like Flash Cards, fill in the blank, and recording yourself reciting the verse. We want to always be researching and learning how people memorize to make sure BibleMinded makes it easy and comfortable to memorize the Bible.

FlashCards Flip the card back and forth to quiz yourself on the verse and the reference.
Fill in the Blank Have fun trying to memorize the verse by typing in the missing words to the verse.
Multiple Choice Work your way through the verse by selecting each word of the verse correctly.
Record Yourself Record yourself reciting the verse and memorize by listening to your own voice reciting the verse.

Test Yourself

After studying the verse, take the test to see if you really have the verse memorized. If you can type the verse correctly, BibleMinded will automatically move the verse to your review list. Once a verse is moved to your review list, BibleMinded will remind you to go back and review it on a regular basis. Once you memorize, it is easy to forget the verse and reviewing it on a regular basis helps you to keep it in both your mind and heart.

If you are in any way serious about memorizing God's Word, this is a tremendous app to do so.
DaveHoldt - via AppStore Review

Download BibleMinded, for free, to begin memorizing the Bible today!

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